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good evening i'm julie haener. >> anne i'm frank somerville. in san jose police tonight are reveal ago spike in the city's crime rate. matt keller is live where officers are on high alert heading into the weekend. >> reporter: new statistics released to me today reveal an alarming increase in crime.
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>> san jose. officers are concerned it's only going to get worse. 2012 was one of the most violent years in san jose reaching a 20 year high in homicides. police released new numbers revealing total crime increased by 27%. >> is this unique to the city? >> reporter: in 2012 homicides increased by 15.4%. rape up 23.9%. robbery was 9.7%. >> the number of aggravated assaults you're looking at 150 to 200 more in 2012 than we had in 2011. anyone one could have resulted in a homicide. >> reporter: the biggest increases were in property crimes. burglaries increased 23.3% and vehicle theft increased 71%. this year san jose is on pace for about 1000 car thefts a month. >> they took away my honda
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civic. and they stole everything that i had in there. >> reporter: a new calendar year is not slowing down the crime. a 17-year-old was shot to death earlier this month and another 17-year-old was stabbed to death outside his high school on wednesday. a drive by shooting injured two men last night. all three crimes appear to be gang related. police say they're preparing for a busy weekend. >> we're concerned about retaliations. >> one stabbing led to another stabbing led to a shooting, led to more shooting. et cetera. >> is there any solution or just life? >> that's life. i don't think there is a solution. >> reporter: police say they will utilize overtime to increase patrols but continue to face a staffing shortage with 13 officers retiring or resigning since the first of the year with even more pending. reporting live, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we are following breaking news at this hour in oakland where police are locked in a standoff with a shooting
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suspect. tom vacar arrived on the scene 30 minutes ago. >> reporter: this is a serious situation. about 12:30 there were people involved in a shooting near broadway and mcarthur not far from here. they fled the scene. because of community help a lot of people were telling them who these people were and where they were and they ended up just down the street here. the situation is at about 3:00 because these people would not come out. they detained a few other people to check out. they believe there are several people holed up in this particular building and s.w.a.t. is here. they are trying to negotiate with these people. they're trying to figure out exactly how many there are. a what they're trying to do is end this thing peacefully. with these people held up and involved in shooting, that's a tall order. the situation is basically your standoff right now. police continue to try to negotiate. the reality of the situation is until the people inside decide to come outside, we will be in
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a standoff. so we will be here inside the evening letting you know what's going on. reporting live, i'm tom vacar, back to you. >> we have new information about a story you saw as breaking news last night. police confirm a man and a woman found shot to death in east san jose was a case of murder-suicide. we learned today the shooter was a 29-year-old man. they say he dated the 22-year- old woman for the fast past five months and the pair had recently broken up. the couple was found yesterday afternoon on valentine's day in a house on bermuda way. >> antioch police are investigating the death of a 14- year-old girl who was hit by a car last night. investigators say hasanti white was crossing around 6:45 when the car hit her. the driver pulled over to help her. she was a student at black diamond middle scoop. of antioch police say it does not appear that speed or
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alcohol were involved. >> the man accused of making a death threat against a state senator made his first court appearance today. robert handa is live now outside the suspect's home in santa clara where there are some new developments. >> reporter: the bomb squads have cleared out. the search here at the suspect's home is ending. as we heard at the suspect's first court appearance today, the investigation is far from over. seemingly nervous a shackled everett basham shuffled into the courtroom. he spoke to clarify the pronunciation of his name, then tried to address the court. >> okay, thank you, sir. you may be seated. sir. >> before we start. >> reporter: later basham's attorney declined to tell me what basham intended to say. basham was charged with 10 felonies including the alleged threats he made against state
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senator leland yee and possessing destructive devices, materials to make explosives, assault weapons, a high powered rifle. the district attorney's office declined to provide des saying law enforcement reports have been sealed by the court. basham is being held without bail and the prosecutor wants to keep it that way. >> our position is that we would seek no bail or high bail. due to the public safety. >> reporter: while the investigation is still in its early stages the search will essentially end tonight. they continue to withhold details except to say they have more evidence. neighbors say they're relieved the ordeal is ending. >> i'm glad they caught him. i'm glad he's in jail. i'm glad it's going to end soon to give a little peace to folks in the neighborhood. >> reporter: basham returns to court february 21st to enter a plea and for a bail hearing. if convicted basham faces
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almost 13 years behind bars. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> detectives investigating a routine fraud arrest at palo alto say they found illegal weapons. police say they found an ak-47 and a stolen handgun along with high capacity loaded magazines while searching the home of anthony alder. he was out on bail at the time accused of using almost a dozen fraudulent credit cards. police rearrested him. he's now facing a total of seven felony charges. two former executives at a san jose nonprofit have pleaded guilty to charges they diverted over $1 million from employees retirement funds. prosecutors say olivia sosa mendiola and benjamin ken stopped making payments between 2004 and 2009. the former ceo and cfo have three months to pay back more
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than $170,000 that were never remitted to individual pension accounts. it's not clear yet if they'll have to pay back a much larger amount consisting of employer paid contributions. >> governor jerry brown continues to allow convicted murders to be paroled at a higher rate. the governor's office said today brown let stand 80% of the state board parole hearings 470 decisions to free convicted kills in 2012. by contrast, former republican governor -- a project aimed at improving service is on hold even though the state has spent $50 million. the setback is because the company hired to upgrade the system cannot meet the may deadline. >> more than likely we will reach out to the private sector to come in and help finish out
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the rest. we would do it through competitive bid and bring in the best and brightest. >> the price tag for the project is $208 million. officials say the drivers license system has already been upgraded. next the focus will be on the vehicle registration system. >> some literally thought the world was ending when a spectacular meteor streaked through the skies of russia earlier this morning. john fowler is here with truly incredible video. >> reporter: absolutely. we have new pictures and new eyewitness videos from russia east of moscow where this spectacular fire ball lit up the sky. some people thought it was nuclear war. likely the best documented meteor ever. many russians have dash board cameras to avoid insurance scams. just after 9:00 a.m. is screamed over a city the size of san jose. >> followed by a flash. first thought it was a fire
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ball. >> reporter: burning brighter than the winter sun. >> fire ball flew by it was really hard. we even tried to hide. >> reporter: it left a trail of smoke, then powerful sonic booms. [ booming sound ] >> people were injured. >> reporter: facials say shock waves hurt 1200 people. the most ever by a meteor impact and damaged this factory, plus another 3000 buildings. it's estimated 1 million square feet of window glass shattered. the meteor exploded about 100,000 feet up. >> coming into the earth's atmosphere so fast that the atmosphere acts like concrete. and the thing disintegrates in midair, so called air burst. >> reporter: it took about a minute for the shock wave to
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hit the ground. most of the injuries caused by flying glass as people were peering out their windows. about 50 miles west a chunk of meteor slammed into a frozen lake, making a 20-foot crater in the ice. investigators hope to recover a meteorite from the lake bottom. it sparked theories of an attack. and fears that the world was ending. it is however a highly visible warning that our solar system is a dangerous place to live. reporting live, health and science editor, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the story has raised a common question. what's the difference between an asteroid, a meteor and a meteorite? asteroid s are space rocks that circle the sun. meteors have entered the earth's atmosphere. and meteorites have crashed into or touched down on the
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earth's surface. has a slideshow. you can see them by looking under the images tab on the home page. the city of san francisco says it cost about $5000 to clean up after last night's annual valentine's day pillow fight. croups spent six hours clearing the feathers, synthetic pillow stuffing and other debris. the process has gotten ease yearier over the year as they got more experienced. >> hooters is leaving freemont. it is shutting down its location due to a lack of business. hooters says it's looking to relocate closer to the freeway. the city says the move is good news because it opens up a prime location in its proposed downtown redevelopment plan. the catering company at the los gatos opera house is going out of business. events scheduled this weekend
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will carry on. the caters says it's working to contact customers with future books to help them make other plans. >> a sunny outlook to start the weekend. a dip in temperatures is not far off. you're moments away from my bay area forecast. >> a shortage of feet on the bay. >> i think it is really sad we don't have more coverage of police protection. >> why money may not be the biggest thing preventing one community from having enough police. >> you saw it first on 2. officers houses broken into, their guns taken. in three minutes learn where the search for the stolen firearms led them today.
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the investigation into a string of burglaries has led detectives to antioch tonight. as we first reported on wednesday, police are looking
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into 25 break ins in just the past month. in three of them more than a dozen guns were stolen. during the investigation authorities received a tip in a separate id theft case which prompted a search at a home on ebbetts way. >> we came one a particular individual who was a female that led us to this location. >> police say three people in the house were arrested on charges unrelated to the brentwood burglaries. >> the number of walnut creek police officers has dropped low and it's forcing the department to make drastic changes. only an 2, eric rasmussen is live with the challenges facing the department. eric. >> reporter: this afternoon the chief told me the city has the money to hire more officers but there is stiff competition from other departments. that means some detectives are putting investigations on hold.
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you might not notice a shortage of walnut creek police officers on the street. >> i had to wait like an hour. >> reporter: but it was clear when she walked into police headquarters to report a case of identity theft. >> you think of the beautiful police station and there are no policemen on duty there. >> reporter: the walnut creek police association called it a low point. >> some within law enforcement say staffing is at a crisis level. do you see it that way? >> let me put it this way, we're hurting for staffing. >> reporter: chief joel bryden says the walnut creek police department is funded to have 76 officers. the city authorized it to get up to 80. right now the department has only about 65 healthy and available bodies. several officers are out on injury or military level. competition to attract new hires is a factor. >> there's a lot of
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competition. part of that has better pay and benefits and because of that we're losing some applicants to other agencies. >> reporter: walnut creek's website lists openings for new officers paying $76 to $93,000 a year. when asked if they should offer more money, the chief says that's up to the city council. and today on the phone mayor cindy silva told me the idea of increasing pay and benefits is one that has not been formally presented to the city council. the department is sending some new recruits to police academies in april and september. >> prostitutes may soon be able to carry as many condoms as they'd like without fearing that law enforcement could use that against them. san francisco state assemblyman has written a bill to stop police and prosecutors from using the number of condoms a woman is carrying as evidence
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of sexual solicitation. the measure would not legalize prosecution or stop police from arrested prostitutes based on other evidence. >> zoom did the honors for its stock debut. the online payment company that lets customers wire cash across borders using the web began trading on the nasdaq today. it immediately jumped almost 37% to $21.90. it closed up almost 60%. a legal falling out between two bay area gaming giants is over before it began. they've agreed to dismiss claims against each other. today's joint filing did not provide a reason for the dismissal. >> it was warm out there today. take a look at the highs from
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today. these were the recorded highs. so they are official. that's oakland at 75 degrees. morgan hill at 74. so really nice, warm day. temperatures tomorrow, they'll drop a couple of degrees. tomorrow looks like your daytime highs may be in the upper 60s with a few low 70s. it's just going to be a bit cooler. really nice day. things are changing in the pacific. you can see stuff out this way. we've been warm and cold in the morning, warm in the day. that's going to go away as we  go into the end of the weekend. weekend looks good. slightly cooler tomorrow and then more cooling on sunday. saturday is your warmest day with possible upper 60s, low 70s. 48 in pacific. tomorrow is going to be nice. it'd be a nice day to go to the coast or go 7:00 to point rays.
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high pressure sits over us. it lasts through tomorrow and starts to weaken on sunday. temperatures start to come down. it's still warm on sunday. you're still in the mid60s. easy. then monday and tuesday temperatures get all the way down intoed mid and low 50s. a big weather change as this system comes our way. what do we know? they don't put out a lot of water. this does not look like a major rain producer. an inch or two. maybe a half inch at best in the coastal hills, which is a bit of a drag. so here we are saturday. just went thereupon the day. that's the computer model. sunday we go through the day, still nice. watch what happens as we get into monday you see the clouds really start to move in here. those clouds mark the beginning of the big change, which is going to come monday night late into tuesday. forecast highs tomorrow, still nice. going to be a good looking saturday. 68 in fairfield. 70 walnut creek. so it's not that much -- when
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you think cooler than today, maybe it won't be cooler. it's going to be close. still nice day. sunday a little cooler still. tuesday really drops off into the low 50s. >> it was amazing out today. just so nice. almost like a spring warm day. >> really nice. i was telling everybody we're feeling bad because we need rain. >> just spectacular. >> everyone walking around, they're like, i love this. thanks, bill. >> coming up at 7, some of the pictures are out of this world. the meteor strike over russia. we'll update damage and what's believed to be three impact sites. the death of a girl that has some questioning the posted speed limit. join us at 7 on tv 36. >> the giants hold their first full team workout here in scottsdale tomorrow. but today two outfielders who were once traded for each other were reunited. we'll have that story next in sports.
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at&t. where will it's like something out of a syfy film. an asteroid the size of a football field hurtling toward earth. astronomers say it was far
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enough away, but close enough to spark curiosity. at its closest the asteroid buzzed past the earth about 11:25 this morning. >> it's a reminder that as some have said the earth is floating around, orbiting the sun in a cosmic shooting gallery. >> nasa is working on launching a rocket in 2016 to take samps from asteroids. also to analyze rocks untouched by humans. >> asteroids, meteorites,. >> incredible stuff. >> mark is here now with spring training. >> doesn't it feel like baseball season out there? in life say they don't burn your pitches. our fred inglis is in arizona with a couple of giants who definitely didn't burn any bridges and that's one of the reasons they're back. >> reporter: you got that right. you know the world series
6:27 pm
giants still have 22 players from last year's team. but they did add one veteran outfielder who happened to be a very big part of the 2010 world series giants. andres torres and angel pagan met in their locker room today. last year they were traded for each other along with ramone ramirez. pagan the 31-year-old had a great season. he won a world series ring and signed a new four year $40 million contract. meanwhile the 35-year-old andres torres had an injury- plagued year. he comes back for a one year $2 million deal and just wants to be part of the giants outfield rotation. >> i didn't take it personal. i really love san francisco. that's why i'm here. like i say, i was happy to see
6:28 pm
all the guys. we build that thing of being together to win. keep happening. i was happy and excited for everyone. here they treat me like family. >> this is business. part of the game. great guy. great player. i think he's going it help us a lot. hopefully part of another championship team. that's what we're here for. >> the third plainer that deal ramon ramirez who was with the mets now comes back to the giants. he's trying to land the final spot in the relievers department. tomorrow will be the first full team workout. i guarantee you the story is going to be pablo sandoval. pablo looks like he'd been to one too many banquets this offseason. back to you. >> so in other words the same old story. sharks are trailing the black hawks 1-0 in the second period. >> all right. >> thank you, mark. >> the president has suggested getting rid of the penny.
6:29 pm
tonight on the 10:00 news, we're going to take you to a bay area store that already doesn't use them. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thanks for joining us.

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